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Oil Changes
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Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy vehicle. At the Lubrication Station, we offer premium oil change services in Saskatoon, SK.

The Lubrication Stations' bulk oil supplier is Boss Lubricants, a Canadian company.

  • Conventional 5w30 5w20 15w40
  • Synthetic 0w40 5w20 5w30

Bulk synthetic is Total 0w20 European spec 5w30 and Fuchs HD 5w40

In bottles

  • Pennzoil
    • conventional 5w20 5w30 10w30
    • semi-synthetic 5w20 5w30
    • High Mileage 10w30 5w20 5w30
    • Synthetic 0w20 5w20 5w30 5w50
  • Co-op Sonic
    • Gold semi-synthetic 0w20 5w20 5w30
  • Shell Rotella
    • conventional 10w30 15w40
    • synthetic 0w40 5w40
  • Amsoil synthetic
    • 0w20 0w30 15w40
    • OE 0w20 5w20 5w30
    • European 5w30 Full SAPS 5w40
    • CJ4 5w40
  • Royal Purple synthetic 
    • 0w40 15w40 5w20 5w30
    • HPS 5w30
  • Mobil1 0w40 Euro
  • Toyota synthetic 0w16
  • Castrol 0w20 508.00 & 509.00 VW spec
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